Going M&Ms Over Candy [Justin Bieber]: A Celebrity I Once Ignored

Smiling Woman  photographed by Stuart Miles

Smiling Woman photographed by Stuart Miles


Young woman using laptop in park. Photograph courtesy of adamr (freedigitalphotods.net photographer)

This past weekend, I was looking up something online and I saw this picture of this finneeeee guy named Justin Bieber! OMG! The first time I heard his name, I didn’t know what to think of him.

I didn’t know if he would be a one-hit-wonder or if he would actually be succesful in the music biz. I also learned when I first heard his name that all the girls were going crazy over him so I’m like, ‘I don’t want to get to know who this guy is,  if everyone is going to be claiming him as their so called “man,”‘(I know right childish, hopefully later in life I won’t have the same mentality because I don’t want to miss out on a good husband)so I kind of ignored him when I heard his name in the media. I heard a few of his songs such  as I’m leaving and another song with Usher as far as I can remember, which are really nice songs. I seen his face a few times on the internet and t.v  I never paid him any attention.

I’m thinking to myself, he’s just a boy, just a cute little boy. How can I like a boy? I’m too grown for him… lol. (No I’m not.) Plus, I saw thatSelena Gomez was reportedly dating Bieber and I love Selena Gomez, she’s so cute and I couldn’t like go out with him in my head (Now, don’t be trying to call me a weirdo  because for the most part, everyone has imaginary celebrity crushes they date) and I can totally see myself being really cool friends with Selena.  Anyways, point is…. I ignored him.

Now just recently, I see a picture of Justin Bieber andI’m thinking to myself, soooo this is the eye-candy I’ve been missing out on. I think I’m going to start reading his biography because I’m interested in getting to know him (and noooo, I am not going to go stalker/bieber obssessed). Huh…. Bieber, why did you wait soo long to transition from cute to fine? We would have been the best chocolate and white chocolate dessert ever… :p

Has anyone went M&M’s over Candy they are just now noticing? If so, what kind of Candy were they? What did you do once you realized some Candy looked good?


Chocolates by Suat Eman (Photographer from freedigitalphotos.net) 


Daydreaming young woman by Photokanok at freedigitalphotos.net.

Self-photograph of Tiara daydreaming of in this case lets say Justin Bieber. :)

Self-photograph of Tiara daydreaming of in this case lets say Justin Bieber. 🙂

Self-photograph of Tiara daydreaming.

Self-photograph of Tiara daydreaming.

2 thoughts on “Going M&Ms Over Candy [Justin Bieber]: A Celebrity I Once Ignored

  1. I have the same possible connection as Reyna up there! MARIA PEREZ is literally in love with JB. I think he is pretty damn cute! But I don’t obssesss over him.. I have another friend too! who is obbsssessed with Taylor Lautner! I think he is one handsome, good looking guy with some sexy abs! She would kill me if she was to read what I just said about him.. but she never will haha (:
    This text agrees with my view of the world because we all have or have had that imaginary celebrity crush. I have one! Nick Jonas was the loveeeee of my lifeeee ❤ I stopped loving him…JK I still love the guy…just don't obsess about him much anymore..since him and the band decided to take some time apart but now that they're back I'm going to their concert! I need to see my man! ❤
    This blog post did communicate with me! I love reading her blog posts, they're always entertaining and she speaks the truth about candy! I would reccommend this to all the ladies out there! (:
    I would def come back and read some more blog posts! the things tiara comes up with haha! (:
    Loveeeeeed it!

  2. LMAO oh my gosh !!! Possible connection MARIA PEREZ this girl claims JB everyday 24/7 lolol its funny but cute. I must agree with what you say many girls go crazy over this guy but i must be honest i don’t he is a cutie but nope i just don’t daydream about him lol. I have to be honest i dont daydream about any celeb like this is that bad? lmao i think many are cuties though Drake<3 Drose<3 Wiliam Levy<3 Noah<3 but never do i daydream lolol This is sad -_______- the images of you and the way you made me realize all girls have that daydream crush makes me feel like an outcast gee thanks lmaoo But it is fine i still loved your post because as i read it i constantly cracked up bc i called you wierdo so many times because you sound like myclose friend Maria you girls and JB. I have to tell her to come watch this post she will comment mean stuff if she sees how much you like this certain candy :p

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